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I'm Internet-shy and bad at writing about myself. This is probably a bad combination for fixing up my profile. Wish me luck.

I'm Ren. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, I never went to school until college, and I have a bachelor's degree in video game design that I will probably never get any real use out of. I am also all about creative writing! I have a ridiculous amount of unfinished novels sitting in my writing folder (and a single finished one that desperately needs a rewrite), I write the occasional short story, and I recently started writing fanfiction.

The fanfiction thing is probably the most relevant bit to note here. I'm NoBrandHero over on AO3 and I write almost exclusively Homestuck fic at the moment. (Always wanted to write in more fandoms, such as Persona and Gundam Wing and Doctor Who, but Homestuck was the first story that really grabbed me and made me go "I have things I want to explore in this universe.")

I write fluffy one-shots, self-indulgent hurt/comfort, and my favorite trope for longer work is Earn Your Happy Ending. I can be a very, very cruel writer mid-story, but I don't like to end on dark notes. I'm not, however, likely to write much in terms of smut; I'm just plain not interested in that stuff unless it's super character-driven. Sorry if that's your cuppa. I can offer the occasional Gen instead!

Besides the aforementioned fanfic, I'll occasionally contribute some Utau covers and lately I've been working on lyric translations over in Vocaloid Land.

I'm a bit of an unintentional lurker, but I'm trying to get better at interacting via comments and whatnot. I tend to upload and run though. Sorry. OTL

I'm also turntechGodoka over on Tumblr.
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