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I might have written something that legitimately shook me up and required taking a break before I was mentally prepared to finish it.

Let me make something clear: I am a cruel, cruel writer. I put my characters through hell and back all the time. I'm not sure if this is a healthy trait or not, but I frequently relish in finding ways to put fictional people through horrible emotional and/or physical pain. (I always give them a happy ending, mind you. It's not fair to put a character through that much stress and trauma without a light at the end of the tunnel.)

So I am kind of legitimately concerned about whether I ought to unleash a story that made me uncomfortable on unsuspecting readers.

Emotional writing -- the good kind, anyway -- is kind of like making a video game: if you the creator are having difficulty beating your level, your audience is guaranteed to have an even tougher time. I've had readers tell me they teared up over things I shrugged at as I wrote it. What the heck kind of reaction can I expect from other people if I was so distressed by this story that I had to take a break before I could continue writing the damn thing?

Of course, there's always the possibility that it hit my buttons just wrong is all and the average reader will be relatively unaffected. Still. I worry for my betas.
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Now that I'm caught up in mirroring my AO3 account, I suppose I should start regularly blogging about personal shit. Except, nah, that takes too much effort. Instead let's make a list of all the fics I'd like to write someday so I can better keep track of them! Organization is way better than personal writing, right?

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I think I have one more analysis post to transfer over from Tumblr and I'm all done migrating my non-fic work. It's a Namco High analysis that was originally pretty short, but I started polishing it and basically rewrote it from the ground up with a thousand new words, so I'm not sure it really counts as a migrated post anymore. (I might even re-post it on Tumblr in its new form.) I'd like to finish it first, but I'll start mirroring my AO3 submissions here soon regardless.

On the writing front, I'm doing a fantastic job finishing the wrong stories. I've got a fluffy Jadekat one-shot that I really want done before winter is over-over and what do I write instead? A silly Strider one-shot. I need to delve back into C&V Act 2 as well aaand... instead I wrote a Dirkjake-centered epilogue. It's almost 5,000 words, it features quadrant vacillation, and it may be one of my best works yet... but I can't post it until I finish the rest of C&V.

Groan. Writing epilogues before a main piece is finished may be one of my most frustrating writing decisions ever.
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My current large-scale project is a Homestuck species swap AU called Constants & Variables (I may have played Bioshock Infinite right before I came up with the idea, yes). It started as a bit of a joke, just writing chatlogs based on "What would have happened if the kids and the trolls swapped places? How would the dynamics shift?" Then a plot happened and there are now over 60,000 words to this thing. I wish I thought I was over halfway done.

Anyway, I made a to-do list for it because those help me feel accomplished organized and I broke the story down into finished/in-progress categories and... It's so ridiculous I felt the need to share. I am writing this thing so insanely out of order. Like, wow, I'm not even trying to write linearly. There's a reason I haven't posted it yet.

Please note that the majority of words for everything Not-Act-1 were written before I even STARTED writing Act 1. I made myself sit down and focus on Act 1 a couple of months ago and that's why it's actually complete.

Act 1 - complete! (35,000 words)

Intermission 1 - in-progress (2,300 words and counting) complete, 5/13! (5,000 words)

Act 2 - in-progress (23,000 words and counting) complete, 10/12! (76,500 words)

Intermission 2 - complete! (1,400 words)

Act 3/Final Act - in-progress (1,800 words and counting)

Doomed timeline side-story - in-progress (500 words and counting) complete, 5/24! (4,800 words)

Alpha kids prequel - not started

Daverezi epilogue - complete! (3,900 words)

Johnkat epilogue - complete! (500 words)

Caliginous Davekat epilogue - in-progress (700 words and counting)

Quadrant vacillating Dirkjake epilogue - new and complete, 4/4! (5,000 words)

Various other shippy epilogues I'll probably want to write later - not started

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