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Second Best

Dave doesn't survive the game. Davesprite does. When Sburb's endgame door sends the kids to a reset Earth, Davesprite finds himself restored as the Default Dave because Sburb doesn't care about anyone's survivor's guilt. Mom Lalonde makes everything better with cat-shaped pancakes.

Word count: 63,400
Rating: T
Pairing: N/A (references to Davesprite/Jade, minor Dad Egbert/Mom Lalonde in the background)

Warnings: depression, self-loathing, suicidal implications, mentions of alcoholism

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Constants & Variables: A Homestuck species swap fic

The beta kids are trolls and the trolls are human. Some things stay the same. Other game-related disasters vary.

Word count: approx. 203,000
Rating: T for violence and swearing
Pairings: John Egbert<3Karkat Vantas, Terezi Pyrope<3Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde<3Kanaya Maryam, John Egbert<>Rose Lalonde, Jade Harley<>Dave Strider

Warnings: bloody and gory violence, major character death, body horror, mind control, torture, brief mentions of suicide

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The Ace Thing

John is a sex-repulsed asexual and Bro is interested anyway. They fumble through an awkward celibate relationship together.

Word count: 29,000
Rating: T for swearing and mild sexual themes
Pairing(s): John Egbert/Bro Strider

Warnings: age difference (both characters are legal adults), casual drinking, underage drinking

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Chapter Index

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
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Homestuck longfic

Constants & Variables - Gen-focused but with John/Karkat, Rose/Kanaya, Dave/Terezi
Rated T.
The humans are trolls, the trolls are human, and Davesprite is the unwilling villain.

Second Best - gen
Rated T.
Davesprite survives the game and Dave doesn't. Angst ensues and Momlonde makes cat-shaped pancakes.

The Ace Thing - Bro/John
Rated T.
John is asexual and Bro dares to attempt celibacy for him.

Hello Word! *World - gen
Rated T.
Roxy makes first contact with her friends.

Catching Colds on a Flying Rock in the Middle of Space - Dave/Karkat, Rose/Kanaya
Rated T.
The meteor crew take turns catching sick.

Homestuck shortfic

"The Limited Perks of a Hangover" - Jade/Roxy
Rated G.
Jade helps Roxy survive a killer hangover.

"Santa isn't Actually Real" - gen
Rated G.
John plays Santa for Jade.

"Unhappy Refrain" - Dave/Karkat
Rated T.
Dave dooms himself to save Karkat, over and over and over.

"Tiny Place in a Big Universe" - Jade/Rose
Rated G.
Jade wants to travel the world and Rose wants to be a reclusive writer.

"Alien Girlfriend" - Dave/Terezi
Rated T.
Dave adjusts to dating outside of his species.

"First Assignment" - Jade/Karkat
Rated T.
Jade is Karkat's bodyguard.

"Unknown Process: Want" - gen
Rated T.
AR tries to kill Dirk.

"Broken Pinky Promise" - John/Dave
Rated G.
John makes a promise as a child that he can't keep.

"Piano Hands" - John/Dave
Rated G.
John models for an artist.

"None the Wiser" - Dave/Karkat
Rated T.
Dave is a mutant troll and Karkat can't decide how he feels about the bastard.

"How Did You Manage This One?" - Dave/Karkat
Rated G.
Karkat gets snagged in the meteor wires and Dave comes to his rescue.

"Wizards, Puppets, and Their Unexpected Parallels" - gen
Rated T.
Rose and her father bond over their only hobby in common: making porn.

"Land of Frost and Fluff" - Jade/Karkat
Rated G.
Jade and Karkat make the mistake of playing in the snow.

"Burnt Coffee and Redundant Tea" - John/Karkat
Rated G.
Karkat works at a coffee shop and a new customer drives him nuts.

"A Waste of Precious Booze" - gen
Rated G.
Dave gets drunk and Bro gets a laugh out of it.

"The Best Worst Birthday" - gen
Rated G.
John catches ill on his birthday.

"English is a Beetch" - Dave/Karkat
Rated G.
Dave helps Karkat overcome a strong alien accent, passing along his Texas accent in turn.

"She Does Not Hate You" - Jade/Karkat
Rated G.
Karkat is convinced Jade hates him because she keeps avoiding him.

"An Hour Per Minute" - gen
Rated T.
Auto-Responder is "born" and quickly finds out that life as a computer isn't fun.

Persona 4 shortfic

"Substitutions for Physical Affection" - Yuu/Yousuke
Rated G.
Yousuke tries to survive a long-distance relationship.

"Farewell to Someone Else's Dream Job" - gen
Rated G.
Rise gets tired of modeling.