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このふざけた素晴らしき世界は、僕の為にある by n.k
Kana lyrics:

Notes: I normally shy away from including vulgarity in translations, but the level of casualness rampant in these lyrics just doesn't have many English equivalents, so I took more liberties than I'd usually dare to get across the tone rather than providing dry, literal translations. Italics are the "dialogue" on the screen of the PV between verses, not the sung lyrics.


"This Fucked Up and Wonderful World Exists for Me"

I'm alive in this fucked up and wonderful world
In order to meet you
Let's bloom 'til the break of dawn
Spinning our eyes

I look straight ahead and lunge forward
Into this shitty and beautiful world
Dance around and let's turn into morons
Everyone shout out yan yai
Doesn't look like I can hold back much long Yeah!

Yan ya yan ya yai ya

That was intro-like...
Or something

Ladies and gentlemen
If you'd like as well
Let's all
Yan ya yan ya
Yaaii yaa

Does a lying man's mythomania
Count as justice in this world?
Before I know it today's also over
What'd I have for lunch again...

Dogs and cats both climb trees
Sweating the small stuff
Gets nothin' started

I hole up in my house
In this fucked up and wonderful world
The thrilling future is there
In a digital world that shoots off with a bang

Playing around is all you can do
In this shitty and beautiful world
It's fate that the two of us met?
In that case that ain't too bad

Yan ya yan ya yai ya

Next is number two

Laughing and jeering
And bringing comfort
At how dumb it all is

Let's illuminate
The whole world
With a damn cheerful smile

Yea! ⇈

Would a sick woman's daydreams
Maybe still be cool in this world?
I think about nothing but stuff like that and
Ack, looks like I'm running late

Even the old farts and hags are fired up
Laboring away and laboring away
Is this really okay?

This fucked up and wonderful world
Could still turn into a rotten apple
But we don't gotta be that pessimistic
I've got some living to do quick-like

How do you make friends
In this shitty and beautiful world?
If you're there then it doesn't matter
...Where are you anyway?

By the way
Are you in the group
That eats the things you like first?
The group that eats them last?

Well, I mean...
This discussion
Doesn't matter
Either way

Now then, it's the second half
Take your time
And enjoy yourselves

Caught up in an already jumbled crowd
Without even realizing they're being swept away
That's how imperfect and perfect people are am I right?

See I'm this freaking out of breath
But with no save or load anywhere to be found
This is my careless and charming life

I'm alive in this fucked up and wonderful world
In order to meet you
Let's bloom 'til the break of dawn
Spinning our eyes

Playing around is all you can do
In this shitty and beautiful world
It's not something I should tell other people
But I love ya assholes

Yan ya yan ya yai ya

It's about time
That even the finale
Came to a close

There are...
Regrets but

Somehow or another
In the end

Everyone is happy


By which I mean
Let's keep it that way

Well then, ladies and gentlemen...
Thank you
Very much
For your kind attention

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